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I 'll make a song out of you

Music tales & more 
A music - storytelling performance in english which gives an insight of greek musical tradition through live music and stories about songs and local customs. Through this music journey all over Greece, from Thrace all the way to Crete and from the Aegean islands to Epirus we introduce the audience to the different musical instruments and sound idioms used in each region. We all sing together, dance and even revive greek customs and practices . Storytelling about how the songs were created enhances the whole cultural experience: Everyday stories about people like Stergios for example, a young man who climbed a tree on his wedding day and villagers made a song out of it, stories about some fighters who disguised as monks to get away from the enemy and musicians from Asia Minor who came to mainland Greece bringing their music together are some mention worthy 'stops' in this musical journey. As the performance evolves, a historical map is unfolding in front of our eyes as we navigate our imagination through greek people's stories, joys and sorrows. The show, however, offers an experience that extends beyond national borders. It attempts to help the viewer connect with his own tradition and find the thread that connects each one's past with the present.
Idea, storytelling, live music :
Antigoni Stappa: lute / guitar
Eirini Nikolakopoulou: violin
Emmanuil Paliakis: percussion /ney /cretan lyra
Filmed & edited by Panos Iliopoulos
Duration: 60'
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