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Truth or fiction? It’s all part of the tale!

Folktales and music games from the Greek tradition

Α series of folktales adaptations for children from various areas of Greece. Folktales from the oral tradition come alive. The children immerse into the tale via storytelling, dance and music. At the same time they learn about the daily life of people in the past, their customs, habits and lost professions. Through playing we follow the heroes' journey. We meet heroes who were born from tears and sunlight, others on a quest to meet Fear itself and others seeking the most beautiful thing in the world. Storytelling merges with playing and turns into a journey. A vital companion of a story is music of course! Children are introduced to musical instruments and discover rhythm and melody in their body and voice.


The series of performances ''Truth or fiction? It’s all part of the tale!'' has been presented at the ''Folktales house-The museum otherwise''. Τhe tales have also been presented on a weekly basis with groups of children in annual workshops. The storytelling performances ''Two birds sing a tale'' and ''The place of golden branches'' have been presented in the 15th and 16th Folktales Festival in Kea respectively.

Αdaptation-Storytelling-Music: Eirini Nikolakopoulou
Musical Assistants: Violin, guitar, small percussion and wind instruments

Duration: 60'

ψεματα κιαληθεια.jpg
The folktales
The place of golden branches, from Skyros island
Τhe boy born of tears and sunlight, from Asia Minor
Fearless and the partridge , from Ikaria island
Lice in the King's beard, from Epirus
Aretousa and the 40 dragons, from Constantinople
Two birds sing a tell, from Crete
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