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Eirini Nikolakopoulou is a Greek violinist and storyteller based in Athens. She studied music at the Athens Corsevatoire, P. Nakas Conservatory and Music high school of Pallini where she came across more music styles and instruments. As a violinist, she is specialized in Greek folk music. 

After her studies in Architecture, Eirini received her training in storytelling at the Mezrab Storytelling school in Amsterdam and the MYTHOS School of Storytelling in Athens where she is currently teaching ''The music in storytelling''. She has also completed the seminar "Education in the Museum" of the "Hellenic Children’s Museum". Among other workshops, she has attended storytelling applied in education, outdoor pedagogy, creation of story walks to promote tangible heritage and landscape.

Coming from a country with a complex history, Eirini likes telling stories inspired by Greek mythology, folktales and narrative songs. She explores the connection between those old stories and the present and the opposite; through personal and current stories she approaches the influence from the past. Live music is always there in a playful way, like a cuckoo clock, connecting the present and the past through a nonverbal world.

Eirini creates musical performances and educational programs for children and adults, working with museums, libraries, theatres and schools. She is also offering workshops for children that combine storytelling, music and theatrical games. 

She has performed in several European storytelling festivals and theatres (13th,15th and 16th Folktales Festival in Kea, Greece, 4th Storytelling Festival in Cyprus, 8th Festival Internazionale di Storytelling in Rome, Oerol festival 2019 in the Netherlands etc.) Her latest project 'The place of Golden Branches’ is a tale for children, issued as an album including storytelling and her own original music.

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