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Greek Myths and music games 

Α series of Greek myths adaptations for children. Ancient myths come alive through storytelling, movement and music. The children immerse into the story and turn into the comrades of Odysseus. They undertake the labours of Hercules and go into the dark labyrinth of the Minotaur. Through playing we learn about the gods of Olympus, Mythology heroes and ancient Greeks habits. Μusic games are a basic element of the story. Children are introduced to musical instruments and discover rhythm and melody in their body and voice.

The series of performances ''Greek myths and music games'' has been presented at the ''Folktales house-The museum otherwise''. Τhey have also been presented on a weekly basis with groups of children in annual workshops.The performances ''Odysseus journey begins'' has been presented in the 4th  Folktales Festival in Cyprus (Limassol and Larnaca).

The myths
Odysseus' journey begins
Theseus faces the Minotaur
Hercules do you need some help?
Perseus and Medusa
Jason on a quest to find the golden fleece
Persephone and the four seasons
The greek gods and their stories (circle of 6 meetings)

Αdaptation-Storytelling-Music: Eirini Nikolakopoulou
Musical Assistants: Violin, guitar, small percussion and wind instruments

Duration: 60'

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