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The Lady of the Underworld

Storytelling performance with live looping recording

A storytelling performance for children based on a register of a folktale from Kea island. George Evgenikos and Eirini Nikolakopoulou tell the same story from two different points of view; the one of the Hero and the one of the Lady of the Underworld. The Hero faces giants, beasts and the dragon who guards the eternal olive tree. If he follows the Lady’s advice he will finally find a way to stay alive.

This performance has been presented for the first time in the ''15th Folktales Festival'' in Kea island and since in the ''4th Storytelling Festival'' in Cyprus, in the ''Folktales house-The museum othrewise'' and in the ''Cosmopolis Kavala Ethnic Festival 2018'' in Kavala

Storytelling: George Evgenikos

Storytelling - Original music - Live Looping Recording: Eirini Nikolakopoulou

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