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The place of golden branches

A music tale from Skyros island (CD Album)


This project is an adaptation for children of a folk tale with storytelling, original music and songs.

Yianni's story starts the moment he drinks the forbidden water. A door closes, another one opens and the journey begins; a journey that reaches the world frontiers, the place of golden branches. This is where the hero of our story will find what he had most desired in his life: The beauty of the world. But however much he wishes to hold it tight in his hands and not loose it, it will always slip away... and the journey starts again!

The adaptation of the story as well as the approach of the music connect the past with the present, the current with the traditional while maintaining respect towards the folk tale.

Adaptation-Storytelling-Original music-Violin-Vocals:

Eirini Nikolakopoulou

Recording-Editing-Production-Piano-Percussions-Vocals: Vagelis Bontas - bons-us studio

Cover design-booklet-Graphics: Myrto Kirli-Florou

Cover design: Sofia Arvaniti-Florou

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The story begins! - The place of golden branches
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You can order the CD Album here :

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